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Friday, August 19, 2022  12:00 PM EST

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5 Important Considerations Before You Design Virtual Reality (VR) Training

Featuring Kristin Torrence, Extended Reality (XR) Learning Experience Designer

The future is now when it comes to extended reality (XR) technologies like augmented and virtual reality (VR). VR is quickly gaining momentum in the learning and development (L&D) community. Learning designers can now create immersive, realistic learning experiences in virtual environments that would be practically impossible to recreate in the real world.

However, while virtual reality as a learning solution is exciting and highly effective in the right situations, it is rarely the only answer. More often, VR should be part of a more comprehensive blended learning solution for it to be most effective.

So when should you choose to use XR technologies? What considerations should happen before deciding to create immersive learning content?

To answer these questions and begin exploring the power of VR in learning, TrainingPros is excited to welcome a true expert in the field, Kristin Torrence.Talespin Blog

As the Head of Learning Engineering at Talespin, a software company focused on developing an extended reality platform, Kristin focuses on designing, instrumenting, and validating XR training solutions.

During this FREE webinar, Kristin will walk participants through five essential design questions they should consider before deciding to develop VR-based training content:

  • Is VR an appropriate modality for the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • What level of immersion is needed, and how will the learning content be implemented?
  • How does learning science apply to VR design decisions?
  • What are the makeup and skills required for a VR design and development team?
  • What is involved in planning a VR project from start to finish?

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Kristin Torrence, Head Of Learning Engineering At Talespin

Kristin Torrence

Extended Reality (XR) Learning Experience Designer & Head of Learning Engineering at Talespin

Kristin Torrence serves as the Head of Learning Engineering at Talespin. She focuses on applying learning sciences, instructional design, and data science practices to design, instrument, and validate XR learning solutions.

Her background is in cognitive science, game-based learning, and instructional design, and she is particularly interested in the intersection of learning science, XR, and learning analytics.

Kristin received a graduate degree in Cognitive Studies in Education with a concentration in Intelligent Technologies from the Teacher’s College of Columbia University.

She co-founded XR in LXD, a meetup and community of practice for instructional designers (IDs)/learning experience designers (LXDs) interested in designing XR. She is also an active member of XR Women and the IEEE Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE) Design for Learning special interest group (SIG), and Tools SIG.